July 10, 2013 1 Comment ToDad

The Show

Just sitting here watching Blood and Oil, thinking back to all the crazy times with CJ and Dad going at it where I was in the middle.  Dad would call me, giving me a ‘little scenario about how CJ took his trailer that he needed to move hay.”  And then about 3AM that next night CJ would call me back from his truck, while he was onsite, flowing a well back, and tell me his side.  How he needed the trailer, he had two rigs running, completing two other wells and damn it, he had equipment to move.

CJ wanted 100% focus on oil and gas, that is what the family was built on and did not care whether or not anything had to be done with the farm.

We joked all the time about how someone needed to be filming this stuff because it was none stop.  The entire family working together (as much as we hated each other at times) to make shit happen.

Dad, I would give anything to have you here right now.