September 19, 2011 1 Comment ToDad

Wayne County Fair

We went back to Ohio for the Wayne County Fair so that Gia would get to see all of the animals and she just loved it. We learned firsthand what happens when you give a small child sugar. She was running up and down the aisles of the cow barns for a solid 30 minute. There were so many times I kept thinking about how much Dad was looking forward to walking her around. I do not think that he would have been up for pushing a stroller, but maybe chasing her in the cow barn some.

I also again benefited from Dad having the relationships he did because I got rock star parking at Merit Pump which is right across the street. When I pulled up the first night, there was a car load of people that pulled up too and went to park but saw the no parking sign. The guy asked “do you have a parking pass for this place?” You know, because if this guy parks here without permission then I am too. I replied “nope, we know the guy who owns the place.” Thanks Dundar! John even said he had his first pork sandwich without Dad for the first time in many years.

We also got to see Jaime in the Cutter Oil car. This was supposed to be his last year…well t is always his last year, but this time his car barely got touched so we know he has at least one more run in there for him to run a Cutter Oil car.

It has been a number of years since I have been to the fair, but I sure did miss Dad being there.