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Last weekend with Dad

There are some things that I just keep going back to, thinking about Dad. One of those times was the last time I was together with him in person a few weeks before he passed down in Ft Myers. We were coming across the parking lot after a day out on the boat, a very hot day. Dad come over and put his arm around me to give me a hug. At first, I thought, oh, Dad is showing a soft side and then I noticed how much he was laughing. H was show a soft side but he also had ulterior motives because he was getting me back from the ‘peed a little bit on my hands’ bit I got him with years ago.

That was also Gia’s first ride on the boat. Gia did not really get to take much of a nap on that day and was pretty cranky.  I held her while we were idling up the river and as soon as we got through the no wake zone, Dad mashed the throttle only to get yelled out by a few of us because the baby was sleeping.    He had clearly forgot.  I can still picture the look on his face cause he had been waiting on that the whole time.

It was also the last time she got to be with her Papa. It really sucks she will never get to share all the great times with him because I know he was looking forward to that part of his life. It was time to really enjoy all the things you work for, especially spoiling the grandkids.


I gave her to Dad as soon as I got there.  Gia was actually pretty good on the two hour drive down, but hey, he was there hanging out by himself.

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Gia on the boat.