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Note From Lisa

My cousin Lisa posted this to 1000 Memories, but I thought it should belong here too.


Uncle Chuck, I am trying to be strong for you, although, I am not doing a very good job. I feel lost and confused…. like I did when we lost Grandma Cutter in 1995. The difference was, you! You were there to hold me and help me to understand why she was taken from us.
You & Aunt Beth have always been there for me throughout my life and I never imagined my life without the two of you in it.

When I was a little girl, I remember you visiting Grandma and Grandpa Cutter in Florida as often as you could and I would not miss those visits for anything. You always treated me like a daughter. You enjoyed giving me and CJ pointers in the old tractor tire sand box (although biting me was CJ’s mission on most days) you always gave me piggy back rides out to grandpa’s garden and would tell stories with Grandpa about your childhood memories on the farm. Those old stories always made us laugh and you and grandpa got a kick out of it. I loved seeing the two of you laugh about things that were not so funny back then.

From there you would just always check on me all the way from Ohio, making sure I was doing well. You even got me into modeling my freshman year of high school. I was so fortunate to have spent those summers with you, Aunt Beth, my cousins and your friends Steve, Gary and Chris. – Remember …Chucky, Wucky, Woo?? Oh my goodness, everyone got a kick out of that and you would turn 10 shades of red. I can’t express what those summers in Ohio meant to me and will always mean to me.

The other day I was reminded of the time you took me to work with you. Ugh..the dreaded 5 am wake-up talk “get your ass up, the bus is leaving with or without you”! Little did you know what was in store for you that day, (ha-ha)

From my wedding day to the birth of my four children you & Aunt Beth were there with us every step of the way and became God-parents to Kaitlynn Elizabeth in 1998, you were so proud. We shared many long talks on the phone. You would call me while on the road working and ask me, “What’s up?” I loved it when you called and sometimes you leaned on me for advice. I miss those talks and how you always knew how to put things into perspective. I’m so sorry that I did not call you more often in the days before you left us. Since we were going to spend time with you over Thanksgiving, I was sure we would catch up then. I was so looking forward to you telling me stories about when Jared, Jr and Kaitlynn were in Ohio months before. Your stories were the best!

Miss you –
Your Niece, Lis