June 15, 2011 0 Comments Stories, ToDad

23 Years

It took me about 23 years to realize how fortunate I was and could appreciate my Dad for who he was. Without him and my mom, I would not have had the opportunities that I had and I made a point to let him know how I felt, but now I feel and know I will always feel that I could have done it more, especially if I knew he would be gone so soon and would not even have the chance to fight. I guess I always just figured he was that larger than life guy that would be around for a long time because he was too damn stubborn to do anything but that.

I watched a video on the little flip camera and you can hear Dad in the background telling me how to do something and I responded with “well that’s why I have you around.” Mother fucker I wish he was around. If there was one person I knew I could go to for advice on pretty much anything it was my Dad.