June 4, 2011 2 Comments Stories, ToDad

Seger Show

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It has been a little while since I have been able to get on here because there has been work to do and I know Dad would want me to get my shit done. Last week the whole family, including several cousins and many friends went to see Bob Seger’s long awaited concert in Cleveland. This was the show that Dad and I had talked about for years. Ever since Mom, Dad, Carina, and I went to the Tampa show, Dad turned from a regular fan into a super fan. When I say super fan, I mean it. He went to one of the Detroit shows completely sick and even threw up in a Wal-Mart bag. Now that is dedication to Bob.

First, the show was great. You would not believe that a guy that looks as old as Bob does could put on such as show and move around as much as he does. I would be worried I would break a hip or something. I doubt I partied like Bob did and if I can function as well as he does at his age, I would have done well.

Bob opened with the song that I have attached to this post; Roll Me Away which I think was Dad’s favorite. It was the first song on the greatest hits CD and he would get in the car and just last it. Especially if someone else was driving and he would control the radio. He would crank it so damn high even I would have to tell him to turn it down. This song really set the tone for the show as I think I probably had tears in my eyes for about half of the show, starting with this song. I just miss him so damn much and I know how much we talked about “When is Bob going back on tour?” Dad would have me check his website for possible tour dates and rumors every few weeks.

Dad no doubt would have loved the show. I really cannot say whether it was better than my first Seger show because it was so different and the circumstances will never be the same. I cannot listen to Seger without feeling the emptiness without him here.

We did get to take the limo to the show which is a blessing and a curse. You get to drink on the way to the show, but the problem with that or at least for me, is I do not know my limits, so I drink on the way, I drink at the show, and by the time I make it home, I am completely hammered. Last Thursday was one of those nights. Of course Don Cherry did not help by bring his bottle of 1800 and you know I never back down from a challenge. Something tells me that tequila and vodka on the rocks should not be mixed.

I had a great time but would give anything to have share that show with Dad. I love him and miss him more than anything;  the things I have left are things like Seger and the memories.