April 13, 2011 0 Comments Sayings, Stories

A little bird told me…

A friend recently reminded again of Dad’s ability to know things that he should not have been able to know. I think part of it was his ability to put the pieces together, another part was having a lot of people who would fill him in on things, and the other part was definitely some sort of sixth sense or intuition.

He actually had a saying that he used to break out on me when I was in high school. He would say ‘A little bird told me…’ and then he would proceed to tell him what someone had witnessed me doing. One of the stories where this played out was him hearing from someone that I was burning out in Wooster. You see I drove the blue and white Blazer, which at one time was his Blazer. When I got it, it had 295k miles on it. Yea, Dad drove a lot all over northeast Ohio checking wells.

Anyway, as you might imagine with that many miles on it, there was not much power left to do any sort of burnouts, but on the right day, with the right temperature, and if I had just started it up, I could lay a nice patch. Well I made the mistake of doing this in Wooster where anyone that knew Dad would know that damn Blazer with the custom blue and white colors on it. I did not get in trouble or anything, I think he knew boys will be boys and god only knows he laid some patches when he was my age.

The thing was when he would say that, ‘A little bird told me…’ instantly I would go into ‘what he hell did I do, think, think!’ mode. Even though it did not matter, you still wanted to be prepared with at least the first two sentences of the reason why you did this or that. Ok, I had to be able to come up with the first two sentences of the lie I was going to tell.