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Lobster Legs


Our family vacations consisted of a yearly trip to Florida to see Dad’s parents. The trip usually consisted of several trips to the go-cart track, a few trips to Cocoa beach, mowing the yard, playing in the sandbox, and whatever else we could get into. Back in the day, Dad always wore jeans. He would later exchange the jeans for black shorts in the spring through fall, but back then, only jeans. Of course the exception to the rule was when we were on vacation and for that time, he took his worst pair of jeans and made what I like to call Jorts. You can see him in the Jorts in the picture below.

The back story to the picture as you might be able to tell from the picture is that his legs are pretty damn red. We went over to Cocoa Beach the day before and he sat there without sunscreen on bleach white legs for several hours and he go cooked. He sat in that chair the rest of the vacation so pissed off at everyone. He had no one to blame but himself, but he was going to make sure that everyone knew he was pissed and uncomfortable.

I do not remember any specifics of things that he said, but it was something that we always looked back at and laughed because he had ‘lobster legs’ and was like a bear with a sore ass the rest of the trip. I do not even thing they healed up by the time we made the drive back to Ohio.

scan (16)

He looks so young in that picture.  I wonder how the hell I am going to age.