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Never missed anything

So in order to get to the point of this story, you will have to deal with a little bit of a rant as I am still sore and proud of what transpired.

It was our senior year of high school and it was homecoming season. After getting screwed over for three years running with a 2nd place finish and only one year deserving of anything less than 1st place, we decided to go out with a bang with our middle fingers flying. You ask how we did it. Well our freshman year we had a kick ass float and of course it was customary for the senior to win each year so we lost. On top of that, the damn choir teacher took all the credit even though she never even made it out to build the float. If it was not for my mom, Jaime’s mom, and Brad’s mom, nothing would have gotten done actually. You had to have a tractor pull the float so we had my uncle Charlie bring his new John Deere up which put everyone else’s tractor to shame.

The next year we again got 2nd place and we were pissed. We did get a larger tractor from Sterling Farm Equipment and again, we had the best tractor out there. By our Junior year and as Class President, I was getting pretty pissed off at yet another 2nd place finish, but you should have seen the tractor. We could barely get it through the gate, which is something that I did overlook. We would have been screwed had it not fit. After that they made a new rule, no tractors allowed.

Now onto where this ties back to Dad. Since tractors were not allowed and they said we had to have a truck, what if we used a car? And by car I mean derby car. We did not tell them it was going to be a derby car, we just said car. We built the float at the farm and prepared the car at the same time. I will be honest, I had little to do with the float this year. At one point, I decided to take the car out after getting the new knobby tires on it and do some donuts out in the pasture field. Now I know that Dad would catch me in just about everything so being smarter than the average bear this time, I said, let’s go out to the back of the pasture field because Dad will not be able to see this from the road.

I went back there and with a car load of people in a car without windows, seats, and a gas can where the passenger seat was, went out back and tore all kinds of shit up. Well, just as fate would have it. The very next day I was down feeding and Jaime was hanging out when Dad showed up. I think Jaime was out working on the Derby car still so Dad asked him to come out on the gator with him because he had to go check the fence. You see every few months you have to go out and make sure that no weeds were grounding out the fence otherwise you end up with a few dozen steers all over hell.

Back the pasture they go and first thing he sees is the pasture all tore to hell. He was like, ‘What the fuck is all of this? Looks like somebody had some fun”

I actually think this time Dad did not even get pissed off at all; he was happier with himself being able to spot what I had done the very next day as he was hardly ever at the farm this year because of all of the work in Overton. This was how Dad was though. You could never get anything by him, no matter what it was. He would see things that you done, even if you tried to cover them up. And of course sometimes he found things and you got blamed for them when you in fact had done nothing wrong.