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Playing with the manatees

Several years ago Mom and Dad brought their bought up to Tampa and kept it for a while. Mom, Dad, Steve Hagen, his friend Natalie, and her son Evan came down to visit and we were all over in Tampa. I think it was that weekend that Dad got so upset because the only thing we kept saying was “Hey, where are we going to get something to eat?” I think that is just the way it goes when you are on vacation because you are eating out a lot. So you eat breakfast and after maybe an hour you have to start planning on where lunch is going to be. Once we knew that it bothered Dad, we would bring it up immediately after leaving like Bahamas Breeze or wherever we were.

The pictures below were taken at the marina. There was a sign that distinctly said, “Do not have any type of interaction with the manatees,” but of course dad did not listen to that because the manatee obviously wanted to play. As you can see he ended up breaking out the water hose. Now I was not there but what I hear is that manatee just loved that fresh water.  I think Dad made a friend because that manatee hung out by the boat the better part of that afternoon.

Dad watering the manatee.

2006-05-01 201

Steve enjoying the weekend.

2006-05-01 207

I imagine Steve or Dad is holding Evan down in the water so he can pet the manatee.

2006-05-01 197

Evan and Natalie.

2006-05-01 208