March 9, 2011 0 Comments Stories, ToDad

Thanking dad for being who he was

It was exactly a year ago that I called my dad up to thank him for being who he was. He did not know how to take it so I went onto explain. You see I had a booth at the Ohio Oil and Gas Association’s Winter Meeting in my first public demo of my software for my company Fielding Systems. My sister was there to help me man the booth.

There were several types of people at the event. There were those that looked at the booth, saw a computer and just kept on walking, they wanted no part of technology. There were also some others that naturally gravitated to the booth because it was technology and were interested in what I was doing. And the third were just people that were stopping by to show interest mainly because I was Chuck Cutter’s son. I learned pretty early on that if I wanted to get a lot of people’s attention when I would start my little pitch, it was necessary to mention that I was with Cutter Oil.

Some of the guy’s from ARG and Universal did nothing but send people down to my booth because they wanted to help me out I know because I was Chuck’s son. On that Friday when I packed everything up, as I was pulling out the first thing I did was call dad to thank him. I also mentioned how many people asked where he was and why he did not come and to “say hi to Chuck for me.” Dad went on to tell me that he is just not into all of that type of shit. He would rather be working.

I really tried to get him to come out to the Permian Basin show last fall because I knew it was going to be a pretty big event and he would no doubt get a kick out of it. Unfortunately the crops came first and he could not make it. I really wish he would have gotten to see it all out there.

I know tomorrow when I am there it will be tough because he is no longer around and I will only be reminded of that fact. Dad certainly made an impression on a lot of people in the oilfield, farming, boating, and everything else he was involved in.