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A day out on the boat

I remember the day this picture was taken very well. My grandparents (Ewing) we staying for a week in Ft Myers the same week my parents were down at their place so naturally they were going to meet up. I planned a trip down for the weekend to spend some time out on the boat and visiting with grandma and grandpa since I did not get to see them that much.

All of us went out on the boat and went all over the place. I know we had lunch at Captiva, which was something Mom and Dad always liked to do for anyone visiting because the place was so different and you had to go there by boat. On the way there, my grandma was trying to put on some additional sunscreen and got some in her eye and that eye watered like you would not believe all the way through lunch. Tip of the day, keep sunscreen out of your eyes.

There was a point where we were coming up the river and it is pretty customary to wave at all the fellow boaters. When this one boat floated past my grandpa leaned over and said to me, “Man that guy was eyeing this boat thinking, ‘someday I would like to have one of those’.” I remember thinking at that point how proud I was of my dad and what he had already accomplished. He had worked his ass off and it paid off.

We spent the entire day just floating around, eating, and hanging out.  It was a good day.

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