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Dad with ‘Pest’

When we first started raising steers on the farm back in probably 1991, we bought the calves that were just a few days old which meant we had to spend a lot more time with them because we had to bottle feed the calves. The one thing that this does is allow the calves to get to know you a lot better so they are much more inclined to come up to you.

We also named all of the calves when we got them based on how they acted, a character in a movie, or whatever. It did not last long before the novelty of that wore off and the reality of having to work with calves and animals as a chore set in.

The picture below was dad with the third steer we had called Pest. We called him this because that steer no matter what you were doing was always following you around. So if we were trying to feed or scrape shit, he was always in the way. And even when you got pissed off, he would step back a few steps and then would be right back on top of you.

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