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Suck it in

The picture below was taken at the Cutter Oil Christmas party in 2009. We got the idea of taking this picture from one of Carina’s friends who took a similar picture with her dad who had a little extra in the mid-section like dad. When we told him what we wanted to do, Dad was a good sport about it, but you can tell he is doing is damn best to suck it all the way in.

2009 535


Cutter Oil never really had a Christmas party until things got turned on a few years ago when all of us kids decided we wanted to be involved in oil and gas too with CJ leading the pack. It was nice to get everyone together that help take Cutter Oil to the level it is now. Mom and Dad gave us one hell of a head start. We heard from so many people how much Dad was respected in the oil field as someone who started from nothing and did a hell of a lot through nothing more than a lot of hard work and dedication to what he loved to do.

The picture below was taken the previous year at the party on 2008.  You can see that dad loved to share a laugh with just about everyone.

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