February 22, 2011 0 Comments Stories

Smooth Running

I was working on one of Chuck’s wells a few years ago, I had recently had a new motor put in one of our trucks and had told Chuck that although everything seemed to be ok, the truck just seemed to lack the original power and I thought I needed to drop it back off for the dealership to check it out. We were pulling pipe and needed something to finish the job.

Chuck jumped in the truck and headed to the farm to pick up the part, when he returned, he had that smile on his face that indicated he had solved my $7,000.00 motor trouble! A corner of the floor mat had positioned itself over the brake pedal and under the accelerator, so that every time I gave it some gas I would also be pushing on the brake.

He got such a kick out of that and anytime I was running late or having mechanical trouble, He would ask “Did you check the floor mat”