February 20, 2011 0 Comments Sayings

Because I can

One of dad’s newest lines he started using was “Because I Can.” Now the saying in and of itself is a little arrogant, but I think Dad had proved himself and done enough to earn a little bragging rights. I am not sure when he first came up with it, but there are a few classic instances where it was used.

The first time that I know of was out on the Vegas trip and Mom and Dad were going to get a rental car so they could continue driving out to California to visit friends and see the Redwoods. The day before leaving, they were going to get the car so they could drive down to the Hoover Dam. When they all went down to get in the car that morning, Blair was like, “Damn, I did not know you were going to go out and rent an Escalade for this trip.”

Then Dad asked him, “Do you know why I got this to rent out here?” Now I was not there, so I imagine Dad did not give Blair too much time before he said “Because I can.”

Picture taken out in California when mom and dad continued their trip after the Las Vegas trip in the Escalade.



I first heard it right after he got his new John Deere 8520 tractor. We went over to the other farm to take it out so he could show it off to me. When we were driving around the farm in it and he was showing me all the new gadgets it had, the computers, GPS, etc, he said that during a conversation with Todd it was mentioned that someone asked Todd why Chuck needed to get that tractor. Todd’s reply was simple, “because he can.” Dad was pretty damn happy to have that tractor. So happy he got it right out in the first that next week.

He actually got the chisel plow back out and took it to the fields. He even went over a field he had already plowed with the 4900 earlier that season. Blair was back a night or two after he plowed the field and Dad asked him if he knew why Dad would plow that field twice. Of course Blair started thinking why the hell would he need to plow a field twice. Dad’s reply, “Because I can.”


Dad’s newest toy.