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6 Second Rule

My parents have a 4-5 acre lake out in front of their house and after we built it, dad bought two jet skis to keep on the lake. On top of just riding jet skis, we also pulled a tube behind the larger jet ski. The 6 second rule was created from this activity and as you might guess, it was a test to see who could hold on more than 6 seconds.

Spoiler Alert: I am the only one who ever made it through the 6 second rule with dad running the jet ski pulling the tube.

The spring to summer of 1999, I did a lot of heavy lifting and I think by the time I decided to challenge dad that he could not throw me off I was benching probably close to 300 and was pretty cut up at the time so I knew I had the strength to hold on. Now the thing with the 6 second game is that if you want, you can usually get someone off in about 3 or less seconds because the jet ski can pick up speed fast and then you just whip it and the long rope and centrifugal force takes over from there. Before you know it, the person on the tube is doing body skips and flips across the water. But not this time, I was going to hold on no matter what.

Dad took off like a crazy as I knew he would and started his whip pretty quick. I had dug my elbows deep into the tube and leaned all the way over so I could counter balance the tube from flipping over. Eventually, no amount of counter balance will keep you from rolling and I did just that, except I held on. Dad pulled me under water for about 15 to 20 feet and by that time the 6 seconds were up. The jet ski does not go that fast when you have the dead weight of a body holding you back.

Of course when I came up from under water claiming victory, he said it did not count because I was under water. It does not matter, I held on and that was the rule. Hold on. We argued about this for years any time the 6 second rule came up especially when everyone was tubing for his 4th of July parties. I still am the only one who can claim to have bested the tube, not that I could do it now.