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CJ Wrecks the Blazer

I was in 8th grade and CJ had had his driving license for about two months at the time.  He got the Blazer when he turned 16 which dad had put about 280,000 miles on at the time checking wells the previous 7 years.  It was in February and was a pretty damn cold day and we were on our way to school. I got to ride with CJ to the high school and would catch the bus back to the Junior High in Congress.

Anyway, we were heading up Pleasant home when CJ spotted Andrew Farley up ahead in his signature Chevette. Right when we were coming down the little hill by the Cedar Valley intersection, CJ said, “Watch this!”

His put his foot on the gas and gunned it. I knew what he wanted to do; blow on by Farley before he would even see us coming. Well, it just so happened that there was a patch of black ice on the road and when the Blazer hit it with such a short wheel base, we started spinning out. It all happened pretty damn fast, but I distinctly remember heading straight for the ditch and CJ yelling “hang on!”

We hit with a hell of a crash and I remember seeing the sod get thrown up in the air when we hit the other side of the ditch. When everything stopped, the Blazer was on its top sitting in the ditch, still on our property. We did not live on the farm at the time, but it is just crazy that of all places to wreck, it was on out property.

CJ and I got out of the Blazer, went into our aunt’s house to call home and to call the police to report the accident. By this time, Farley had turned around as they too saw the accident. CJ has to make that dreaded call home to tell dad that he wrecked. I am not sure what dad said on the other end but he showed up within minutes.

When he slowed his truck just before he got to the Blazer, he too slid a little on the ice. When he got out of the truck, CJ made sure he had about a 25 foot lead on dad in case something happened. “You want your ass kicked now or later?” dad asked CJ.

Well CJ did not reply and sort of walked backwards. There were others there so CJ did not have to worry too much. Dad was definitely aware of when things could go to far especially if others were there. The cop came and CJ did not even get a ticket. Of course he lied his ass off by saying that Reed had come down the road with the semi and CJ swerved to get over more and that is why he lost control. Just another bullshit story when a teenager is in a pinch. It worked to a point. CJ still lost all access to a car for several months even though the Blazer got fixed.

Such as classic line, you want your ass kicked now or later.