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Wrecking the blazer over the hill

It was late fall of my sophomore year of high school.  CJ was going to Waynedale and playing football so that was the focus of everyone and I was left in charge of the farm.  CJ got an excuse from work on the weekends because he had to focus on football and recovery.  Looking back it was ludicrous but that was how it went. It was probably about 7:30AM on Saturday morning and I was already late in getting to the farm. Mom was trying to get me out the door because “your Dad is probably already at the farm and he is going to be calling looking for you.”

So I got in the Blazer and my windows were completely frosted over. Now the smart thing to do was to wait until the engine warmed up and had a chance to at least melt off some of the frost from the window. But I was 16 and shoot, that little sliver on the window where the wiper blades was plenty of room to make it 5 miles down the road right? Wrong.

I was going up the hill on Pleasant Home and all of a sudden, there was a Bang, Bang, Bang and the Blazer got jerked to the right. I slammed on the brakes just in time because the Blazer was hanging completely over the edge of a quite a large hill. I get out of the Blazer and it is teetering over the hill. I ran down to Cherry’s and call back home.

CJ comes to get me and to take me to the farm. Dad was already there and had just called the house looking for me. I was so scared of what I was going to say to Dad and what he was going to do. Should I tell him and then run? CJ volunteered to do the talking, which was an easy thing for him to do because it was no skin off his ass.

When we got there we were in CJ’s car. I remember Dad coming out of the milk house and saying “what the hell happened?” Obviously there was a probably because we were in CJ’s car and he was not supposed to be there. He was waiting for me and now something was up and he was more curious than pissed at that moment.

I kept a good distance when CJ told him “Shawn wrecked the Blazer down on the hill and we need to get a tractor or something to pull the Blazer out.”

“You are fucking kidding me” he asked. – (keep in mind he said this with a much different tone than this saying took on later) “You stay here; you better not be around when I see this mess,” he said to me.

So I did my chores and about 45 minutes later the Blazer shoed up. I think dad was able to use his truck to pull it back up backwards or they may have even driven down to get Hughie’s truck. By the time they arrived, the critical time where Dad could stay that upset had passed and he was actually joking about it. I am sure he said something to the effect of “man, you could have really fucked that one up” because it was so damn close of rolling down the hill.

All in all, it was not that bad. I had to buy a new bumper and had to suffer the harassment of everyone in the area that saw the Blazer over the hill.