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CJ’s graduation, Shawn on watch

This is a story that has a number of different facets so I will try to keep them as clear as possible. A lot of this is about my first time drinking, but it does very much tie back to dad. This story actually begins during the day of CJ’s graduation party where everyone was at their limit because dad had waited until the very last minute to put on a desk and get things ready for the party. Also, since everyone was at the house getting things ready, it was up to Shawn to make sure all the chores were handled on the farm throughout that weekend. Then when I was at the house, all I caught well hell from dad. So needless to say when I got back to the house after the party had long since started I was pretty pissed off. I basically saw CJ as having a free ride that year and now it was over and I was still catching shit.

So I got cleaned up and sulked in the green recliner in the living room for about an hour. Everyone was either out on the porch or out by the fire drinking and having a great time. Every time I heard someone laugh or walk through and ask me how I was, well I just got more pissed off. So eventually I walked out to the kitchen where all of the hard liquor was and decided to pour myself a glass. Keep in mind I had never drank before, so I just grabbed several bottles and just started dumping it into one big gulp glass and topped it off with some orange juice. I chugged it and went back into the living room.

As you might imagine it did not take long for me to start feeling the effects with what was most likely vodka, rum, tequila, and whatever else went into that glass. I think that glass was exactly what I needed because before too long I was out of the chair and having a good time. Somehow after a while I met up with Chaz who was well on his way and Dad was standing there too listening to what Chaz was trying to communicate. It was probably close to 11 by this time and Dad said he was not going to stay up and babysit so I was in charge of watch this one (Chaz). Later I would find out that dad came back in the house and told Mom that he left me in charge of Chaz and everyone else outside and she immediately questioned whether that was the right thing to do.

My intoxication continued throughout the night as Chaz and I shared a bottle of vodka that we each drank from straight. Not only was this my first time drinking, but I clearly had no one watching or guiding me with any sort of known limit either so this was going to be a ride. At one point we both had our four wheeler helmets on claiming we were storm troopers. Eventually Chad Wright completely the wolf pack as we filled the half empty bottle of vodka with beer and chugged it to see “who did not get the chills.”

3AM was rapidly approaching and Sargent CJ Cutter was on the warpath trying to round people up and shut down the party. What a buzz kill, all we wanted to do was drink. So he would take one drink away and we would run, hide, and then go out and find some more. I remember vividly the point at which Chad was caught and he was drug back to the house. CJ made sure he had everyone’s keys and no one was going to dross him.

I finally made my way back to the basement and snuck in because I knew CJ was looking for me and was pissed that I had run off so many times. The room was spinning by this point and then the floor started to shift. I said down and remember telling people that everything was moving and they better start holding one. Most of them were either already asleep or looking to get to sleep very soon and were telling me to shut up. By the time the floor went vertical and I was screaming for people to hold on. They got me outside just in time for me to get sat upright only to have the cement come up and mack me in the head.

I was probably inside in the chair when this was going on.

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The next morning I was woken up by no one other than dad who was asking me what the hell happened. “I left you in charge in charge of him and then you got drunk. What the hell is wrong with you?”

He made me get up and go do my chores. He said that “if you are going to party, you better be able to get up and get your work done the next day.” I know I was still half drunk in the skid steer that morning scraping the barn yard. I do not think he knew just how much I had drank.

I will not say I always heeded to his advice of always getting up after a long night of partying, but I think that I kept it up well enough. There were even times when I know he had a few too many and was slow to get up, but usually it just meant that he might take a long nap once he got back in from the morning chores.

Dad brought this story up anytime we started talking about parties and people getting too drunk. “I can’t believe I left you in charge that night and then you get all tore up” he would say. That was a rough first time for me, but other than having to get up and work, I would say I got off easy. Dad was usually pretty understanding when it came to partying.


Another shot of dad at the party.

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