January 17, 2011 0 Comments Stories

It was good to be Chuck’s son

I was back from college for a weekend and some friends and I decided to meet at Applebee’s for a few drinks. I know Jessica was there and I think Beth was too. After some food and then some more drinks, I felt like some desert. When the waitress came back to check on us I asked for a Brownie Sunday. She took the order and came back two minutes later letting me know that I would not be able to get my desert because they had already started packing everything up back in the kitchen.

Now most people know that for a while there, Mom and Dad were at Applebee’s a lot, every Friday night at least. And since they were regulars and no doubt tipped well, I knew they had some pull there. So I decided to test it out. So I told the waitress to go back there and tell them that Chuck Cutter wants some desert and they better make it happen. And away she goes and she did not come back.

We were about ready to call it a night when back comes the waitress with my brownie. I could not believe it! I really thought that the waitress was like, whatever, some asshole college kid making orders. She said she told them what I said and they made it happen. Although they had to heat up the brownie in the microwave, I got my desert. It was good to be Chuck’s kid that day.