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Dad teaching Ray how to drive a dump truck

Ever since Ray moved in with me,  I was always telling my dad that Ray might not know something that we were working on or he hasn’t done that before.  Dad was always teaching and giving him advice.  I am sure he was testing him.  After we had dug out our pond and had a mountain of dirt in our yard, dad was thinking of how we were going to get rid of that dirt.  It was an major eye sour to him.  He always liked everything looking good.  I kept telling him that we didn’t have time yet and we needed a dump truck.  I had told Dad that i would split one with him but he insisted that he would buy it.  (Again another time my dad was helping me)  He said between all of our houses and projects that he would just buy one from little Hugh.  When CJ decided to build his barn, he realized that he needed alot of dirt so he asked me if he could have mine.  So i agreed to let him have it and he lined up some other dump trucks to haul dirt back and forth to my house including the one dad had bought.  It was the evening of November 10, 2010 when Ray was loading up the dump truck  and dad asked him if he knew how to drive it.  Ray never had driven a dump truck, so dad said get in the truck he would teach him.  Ray had no more then pulled out of the driveway and dad told him to stop the truck because Ray had the gears grinding and the truck was jerking back and forth.  Dad and Ray switched spots in the truck.  Dad told Ray to watch him (dad always said just watch him).  Well…dad started off a little shaky too.  Dad said, “it’s been awhile and im not used to driving this truck.”  Ray and my dad were laughing about it.  Ray said by the time they had turned onto Cedar Valley Dad had it down.

On the evening of November 11, 2010, mom, dad, little hugh, and i were sitting in the office when we heard this dump truck turn onto Cedar Valley Road and go past the farm grinding gears.  Dad said, “who is in that truck.”  I told him that Ray was and we all started laughing.  A few minutes later, we heard dad calling Ray and telling him what he was doing wrong.  He got off the phone and mom and i were giving him crap about yelling at Ray and hoping that he didn’t scare Ray.  Dad told us that he wasn’t yelling at him and was teaching him.  I think Dad loved teaching Ray new things and i know he was doing it so he could take care of me.

Dad was always teaching and giving everyone advice.  He always wanted everyone to be the best that they could be.  It wasn’t only for my brothers and i it was whoevers lives he touched.  Most girls don’t do what i can do and im not being conceeded, but that is just how i have been raised.  My parents have raised us kids to be talented in so many things in our lives.  I can’t be more proud of how my parents have raised me, i know i wasn’t the easiest to raise but i appreciate them sticking by me all through the years.