January 11, 2011 0 Comments Business

Keep your investment in the ground

I was in college and not quite smart enough to realize what I had and how to manage my finances.  At some point I decided I should sell my well interests back to my parents and take the money and run.  I had gone through my stock money and could use a payday.

I presented my idea to my Dad.  I asked him to buy me out and give me his best offer.  He said, “Nope, you can just keep it in the ground.  You do not need it now and it will be worth more to you later.”  Of course he was referring oil and gas investments, but it really applies to any investment and any dumbass college kid who thinks he knows how the world works.

I remember being pissed off at his response.  I wanted something and Dad did not give in.  Well, you can guess how this story played out.  What I expected to get paid back then was far less than what I have collected since and far less than what it is worth now.  It was that investment that kept me offload for a long time.

This reminds me of something Dad said.  It can’t say it quite like he did …  “Don’t fuck it away, keep it in the ground.”