January 11, 2011 0 Comments ToDad

Another flight

I took a friend on a flight day today and we flew all around Tampa.  Any time I am up in the air now I cannot help but think about you and what you mean to me and how you help me make the flying thing happen and how you were the first to go up with me.  I was so damned scared that day that I would screw up.  I had just 1 hour more than was required to take the test and definitely was not experienced enough to haul around passengers but you went up with me.

I am not sure if you were scared or just wanted to look out at the scenery because you sure did not say much.  I kept trying to keep up the conversation by telling you this or that, what this gauge meant, etc.  When I got the plane back on the ground, was released and it came down smooth, it was over.

When we got back to the FBO, you immediately told the girl behind the desk that you needed some napkins because I made you throw up.  This was classic you, making a joke out of everything.  The girl did not know what to say and you kept saying, “Get me something to clean up with.”  Then when she finally was getting up you said you were kidding.

People just did not know how take you sometimes.

In any case, you had the confidence in me to take that first flight.  I had only 41 hours, shit, there are a lot of people that would not go up with me now with 120 hours, but you did and you made it happen.