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Dressing up like Chuck

Dad definitely had that larger than life personality and a presence that required people to pay attention and notice.  It was in part the brightly colored hats he wore, but also some intimidation that he carried wherever he was.  There was a side effect to this though and that was that people wanted to dress up like him.  Ok, so going full monty on the whole outfit, that was probably only me, but I was always surprised at the number of people that wanted his hat.  I will have to put together a collage of all of the pictures that we have of other people wearing the pink Cutter Oil hat, which started as soon as we had the first pink hats made.

Now onto the story behind the picture below.  This was the Halloween after the Tazer incident the previous year and I was going to go to the party as Chuck Cutter.  Like many people, I wanted to come up with a good costume that would surprise the hell out of people.  I have to say that my Chuck Cutter costume along with my Iceman costume at OU in 1999 was probably the best I have ever come up with.

To this day I still cannot grow a decent mustache but back then it was an impossibility.  Luckily I got my hair cut the night before and I saved the clippings to create the mustache you see below.  I took Dad’s shirt (which I could not fill out), pocketed filing cabinet materials, hat, etc.  You have to admit, it is pretty damn good.

After Mom snapped the picture, I went in town to the party at Scott’s.  No one knew ahead of time what my costume was going to be.  When I got there, I walked right in the front door. Scott and a few others got a glimpse of Chuck and bolted for the back door.  I immediately heard whisperings of, “Chuck Cutter is here!”  I’m sure there were at least a few people who were doing things Dad would not have approved of, so it was best to hide.  Obviously the New Years party the year before was still fresh in their minds.  For all they know he could have had a Tazer with him again this time.


This was at a Halloween party after I graduated where my friend Eric was dying to get a Chuck hat.  I brought him one and it ended up being his costume that year.