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Sis, you talk, I will listen

This is one of the key stories that was use as evidence to support the nomination Dad received as Craziest Dad of the class of 1998.  Jeremy Roland’s dad took first, but I think you will see that there are similarities between Jeremy’s Dad and my Dad to have what it takes to lead the pack of such an award.

It was an average night at the Cutter household.  Dad got home, ate and went back to the bedroom to watch some TV.  Mom was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner and I imagine us kids were probably finishing up dinner in the living room.  We were carrying on as usual, someone was fighting with someone else and this went on and on.  We always tried to be aware of our noise because once it reached a certain level,Dad would get involved.  The acceptable level could change depending on Dad’s mood.  If he had had a good day, it was a little bit higher or it would be lower if he was already in a bad mood.

Well this particular evening the level must have been lower because we were all started when Dad came marching out the hallway and yelled,  “What the hell is going on out here?”  Then he went around the room yelling at each one of us, picking out anything he thought we were doing wrong.  We were all stunned.

Now most people reach a point at which they realize they may have taken it over the top, and they stop and calm down immediately.   Not Dad.  When he hit that point on this particular  night, he yelled, “And you damn kids won’t answer the damn phone!”

Then he grabbed our only cordless phone, broke it in half over his knee, threw the two pieces down, turned and walked back to the bedroom.  Mom was in the living room asking questions about what happened, etc.  We spent the next 10 minutes asking ourselves that same question.  I had what was left of the phone in my lap when dad returned to the living room and sat in his recliner.  He started to watch TV like nothing had happened.  I am sure he knew we were talking about him so he had come out and to hear what was being said.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, I put the top half of the phone to my ear, handed Kristin the bottom half and said, “Here Sis, you talk, I’ll listen.”  We all laughed like bastards, even Dad.

Like I said, this was one of the events that we never let Dad live down.  He flew off the handle and several years later he got the illustrious title of 2nd Craziest Dad.

You are probably wondering what Jeremy’s Dad did for 1st place:  He threw the entire refrigerator out into the yard for whatever reason.  Jeremy made a joke out of the situation like I did with the phone.  Jeremy asked if anyone wanted anything, then said he was going to make a sandwich out in the yard.  I am not sure what the end result of that was, but I am sure it was not pretty.  You do not mess with someone that throws refrigerators out in the yard.