January 5, 2011 0 Comments Stories

Losing his hat – Bunk Roof

It was a year or so after we had bought the farm.  We now had close to 50 head of cattle and some were going to be out in the barnyard where the feed bunk did not have a roof.  Mom and I were just talking about this the other day because back then dad did not have the money to pay anyone to do anything.  So we had to build everything from scratch including the trusses.  Needless to say it was a group effort getting that roof up.  I know my left thumb was bloody by the end of it because lets just say I was not so good at lining up the hammer and nail every time.  Plus they came me a finishing hammer..bottom end of the totem poll = shitty ass hammer.

Anyhow, the one day is was blowing like hell but we could not take the day off.  Dad was up on top nailing down the support two by fours and a gust of wind took his hat right off his head and down into the barnyard.  He started yelling for someone to get it.  The hat blew all the way to the other side of the barnyard before someone caught up to it.  By this time dad had made his way down and the rest of us were laughing because he always moved so quick when he was trying to get his hat.

The hat did not come off that much, but one thing you could bet on was that he would move faster than any other time if that hat flew off.