January 3, 2011 0 Comments Stories

Losing his hat – Tubing

We all know that dad had a thing about wearing a hat because he was very self-conscious about his hair.  There were many times when the hat came off for whatever reason and it is was mad dash to see how fast he could locate it and get it back on.

We were tubing up on Lake Erie one summer day and dad decided he was going to go tubing.  I cannot actually remember another time he got on the tube.  I always remember him driving the boat.  I imagine either Steve or Gary was at the wheel at the time and dad got thrown off the tube.  When this happened, several of us noticed at the same time, he lost his hat.  When we finally got a glimpse of him, his middle finger was up and then he immediately turned and started looking for his hat.  He made it to his hat before we got turned around and back to him.