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Wrecking into dad on the driveway

It was the winter of my junior year of high school and I got up late one morning.  I was late getting to the farm for chores and thus I was late coming back up the driveway to get ready for school.  I was driving the five-tone at this time and the driveway was completely covered with snow and ice.  I decided to try my luck in two wheel drive just to see if I could make it.  Now I mention this because it plays right into what happened next.

I was spinning out all the way up the first part of the driveway until I was at the curve.  Just as I was coming around the corner, there was Dad in his truck, except he was going much too fast to slow down on an icy driveway.  He slid right into my truck which had the snow plow attached.  I can still picture the plastic from his grill flying up over his hood.


I released my brakes and eased the five-tone off of his truck.  Dad had already made his way out of the truck and had the look of death in his eyes.  I did not know what to do.  I looked over at the lock on the door.  Should I lock him out…?  Shit, he will probably just smash the window.  Too late, he was at the door and ripping it open.

I drug me out of the truck.  I kept saying, “Dad, it wasn’t my fault.” 

“What the hell are you doing coming up the driveway at this time?”  I think he realized it was an accident and if anyone was at fault it was him.  But that did not matter to him, he wanted someone’s ass and that someone was me. 

Well as fate would have it, I slipped and slid under the truck.  And since I had been torn from the truck too fast to put in in park it started rolling back.  He saw me and pulled me with one arm out from under the truck and with the other arm reached in and put the truck in park.  Come to think of it, he still had ahold of me from ripping me out in the first place.  It would only take that split second of distraction and Dad would ease out of his rage. 

He made me back the truck down and we both made our way back up to assess the damage.  When we got in the house and Mom heard what had happened, she kept saying we needed to get a mirror installed at the corner.  She and Hugh Palmer had wrecked on that same corner not more than 6 months prior. 

We got the mirror installed that spring.