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Finding $10 and my first trip to On Tap

It was one of those many days where I rode with Dad on his rounds all over northeast Ohio checking wells and going to my doctor’s appointment.  The nice part about these days during the summer was I knew there was a pretty good chance we would be stopping at the boat afterwards.  I would always pay attention to who he was talking to on the phone because I could gauge whether or not we would be going to the boat.

The picture below is not from this day but just one of the many days I got to go to the boat after a doctor appointment.  It was usually Steve Hagen or Gary Wilhelmy that met us there.

scan (37)

I was actually swimming in the pool at the clubhouse when I saw there was $10 in the water.  I swam down and picked it up and immediately swam over and showed Dad what I had found.  He took it from me and said, “I think we need to get some wings with this.” 

Now if you have never had On Tap wings and you are ever in the Medina area, you should stop by and get some, because they are damn good.  We had some wings that night, Dad and Gary drank a few beers, and eventually we headed home. 

I got to make many subsequent visits to On Tap over the years of riding with Dad.   But it all came to an end one day when we were sitting at the bar as usual, enjoying some wings, and a hardass new bartender decided he was not going to let a kid sit at the bar.  He made us move and Dad got pissed and said we were never going back to On Tap.  We never did.