December 30, 2010 2 Comments Stories

King of all sandboxes

When we were kids we played outside a lot.  One major activity was playing in the sandbox.  The typical sandbox might be 6-8 feet in diameter with several bags of play sand.  But us kids didn’t have a typical sandbox to play in because our Dad went way beyond what most people would have done. 

We had an old tractor tire for a sandbox but it wasn’t just filled with a few bags of sand; Dad actually brought in a dump truckload of sand and had it dumped on top of the tire.  I can still picture that dump truck backing up through the yard and unloading it there.  The pile was probably at least 8 feet high.  During the summer, we put in roads, dug ditches, installed bridges, and anything else a construction crew would have done.  After a few years or weather and us kids carrying the sand off, the pile had dwindled down to pretty much nothing.  So what did Dad do?  Delivered another dump truckload.  We had a lot of fun playing in the King of all Sandboxes.