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Sparky stops by for a visit

This is one of those classic Chuck moments where his humor really stood out from the rest.  We had this incredibly tame steer that we had nicknamed Sparky because the previous winter it got really cold and this steer was nearly dead and I think everyone but dad had given up on him.  The other baby calves in the pen were sucking on his ears so on top of his sickness, the other calves gave him frostbite because his ears got frozen.

In any case, if there was ever a time to play a joke on Bob and Bertie Hesser, it was with this steer.  Dad did business with Bob but over the years our whole family became close with Bob and Bertie.  Bertie and my dad would really go back and forth with each other. 

Before sparky got to big, dad decided it would be really funny to take him into Wooster and tie him up in the Hesser’s yard.  The Hesser’s live right in a heavily trafficked area in the city.  When I say in the city, I am saying it was completely in the city where there are no farm animals.  Well it was not long before there were calls coming in from people driving by saying there was a bull loose in the area.  Sparky was so tame he would not have run for anything. 


Bob, Dad, and Sparky

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Sparky in the Hesser’s front yard.

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Kristin took Sparky to the Wayne County Fair a month or two after this photo.