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Brookville Lake

It was after my junior year at Miami University when Mom, Dad, and Josh came to visit with the two jet skis.  Brookeville Lake is actually in Indiana, but very close to Miami and we were looking forward to riding the jet skis on a lake that is much larger than the one at home on the farm.

Dad and Mom did not ride too much, it was mostly just Josh and I.  And of course, I took the fast jet ski most of the time, I mean, come on, I am much better on the jet ski than he is, plus he was a lot smaller back then.  I know Josh and I had a great time on the lake, but we found out later that Mom and Dad had a much better time than us because while we were out on the lake they laughed their asses off watching all of the dummies trying to get their boats back on their trailers. 

If you want some good cheap fun, find a public boat ramp in the late afternoon when all of the people start coming in.  Here is basically how it goes:  Some know-it-all guy is usually the one driving the boat and telling everyone else what to do.  So he is yelling at the wife to do this and that, which is hopeless because he is fucking up the landing so bad.  You end up with some half-drunk asshole screaming while crashing the boat into the trailer if he is lucky.  If he is not lucky, he just rams the dock. 

Josh and I only caught the last 45 minutes of the free show, but it sure was a sight.  Dad had stories of each dumbass he saw that day the whole way home.

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