December 21, 2010 0 Comments Lessons, Stories

Peed a lil bit on my hands

We were on our family Christmas vacation at Universal Studios in Orlando.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel, and if you ever have a chance to stay there, make it happen.  One of the many perks of being a guest at the Hard Rock Hotels is that you get a “Quickpass” which gets you in a much shorter line for all of the rides.  We arrived as soon as the park opened, because that is what Dad always wanted to do, and by 11:30AM we had already the major rides.  We were the crazy family going from one ride to the next as fast as we could to get them all in.

The picture below was taken in the hotel room at the Hard Rock when we first checked in.  It was the first time I can remember ever staying in a hotel as a family and Mom booked a single room expecting it to be bigger.  When we first walked into the room, we thought, there is no way all of us are going to be able to stay in a room with two queen beds.  We ended up getting a suite with a lot more room but it was still too small.  Especially since sis and I went out with our cousin Lisa to a Christmas party and did not get back until 3AM.  Needless to say we did not want to get up in the morning.


There are many funny stories from this trip, but the one that stands out the most is when I walked out of the bathroom after washing my hands.  I didn’t dry them and I could wiped my hands on the back of Dad’s neck and said, “Don’t you hate when you pee on your hands?”  He gave me a look of intensity like he was going to tear my head off.  I already had some distance between us because I was not sure what his reaction would be.  Obviously it was just water on my hands but Dad thought otherwise.  He retaliated by throwing his 40oz Big Gulp of Pepsi at me which I took a glancing blow from.  So let’s review:  I wiped a little bit of water on the back of his neck and I got hit with sticky Pepsi.  I guess I got paid back but it was totally worth it to see that look on his face.

From that point on he would always try to get me with the joke which can only work halfway once you know the trick.  But the first time you get someone is always the classic one.  The lesson to take from this story is don’t dish it out if you cannot take it.