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Dad takes NYC

The picture below was taken the summer before the World Trade Center was attacked.  I was in NYC for an event where I thought I was going to be an actor or model, none of which panned out but the biggest reason it was a really good reason to go to New York.  The rest of them showed up the following day and stayed in a nice hotel right down the road.  We did the tourist thing around NYC for a few days and it was hilarious to see dad walking around, especially because he had a subway map put and was determined to figure out the entire system the first day. 

Dad was known as the crazy dad or crazy Chuck for a reason.  The crazies of NYC stayed away from him.  I remember there was this one guy who asked him for some money and I think dad just growled at him.  Needless to say the guy stopped prodding for money after that.  Another funny thing that happened was this guy was asking dad for a cigarette on the street.  Dad must have been feeling nice because I think he did give him one but dad failed to see that the guy had a huge boner and was pitching a tent in his sweat pants.

We also got to visit some of our distant italian relatives which was a trip.  We got to go around to their construction sites and we ended the evening at a very nice restaurant on Coney Island.  The thing was the place had a dress code and dad did not dress up.  the picture below was as dressed up as he got and he had to put on a suit they had in the back for customers like him.  It was about 3 sizes too big but whatever.  We had a good laugh about that.

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Something that really sucked was actually the return flight.  I was on a flight that got into Cleveland 5 hours earlier so I was to get the car and go home and then come back to pick them up.  Well, they failed to tell me where they parked the guy so when I went to look for the car in long term parking it was not there.  I walked the entire parking desk, each floor twice dragging my luggage.  I eventually gave up and went back in to sit down.  When they walked out I was sitting there and was very upset.  Dad blew me off like I was the dumbass because everyone knows they use park n fly.

We had a great time and I am sure Kristin and Josh can add in some more fun things that happened on that trip.