December 20, 2010 1 Comment Stories

Dad holds Gia

I picked out some of the pictures we got of Dad with Gia in the 7 months of her life that she had with him.  Dad said he did not do babies and would get involved once Gia was potty-trained.  I saw how Dad was with Cole and Kayla and I was looking forward so much to Gia getting to that age where she could ride with her Papa in the tractor.  I told Dad how much I could not wait for Gia to be old enough to spend the summer on the farm working with her Papa.

Growing up on the farm is something I would never change for anything.  Even though now I am behind a computer all the time, it still taught me so much and yes, I still like to get dirty.

The pictures with Gia in the dress were taken down at the condo, Gia’s last visit with her Papa.  It was Gia’s first weekend away from Carina and I took Gia down to see mom, dad, Kristin, and Ray.  It was just 2 weeks before Dad passed away.  When I got to the condo everyone but Dad was out fishing so I just walked in and handed Gia to him and said, “Here, it is your turn.”  So he held her and even though he said he was not into babies, you can tell he loved holding her.   Gia got to go boating with her Papa that weekend.  The pictures down on the floor were taken because Dad was in charge of Gia while the rest of us ate all of the fish they had caught that day.

The other pictures with dad in a white shirt were actually taken when Gia was just a week and a half old.  Gia is going to miss out on so much.  I am very upset over the loss that I feel right now, but the thing that really cuts into me is when I think of what Gia and all the other current and future grandkids are going to miss out on.  How many grandpa’s do you know that bought his grandkids, not one, but two ponies?  I don’t know of any.  Dad I miss the hell out of you.