December 20, 2010 0 Comments Stories


This was the only picture we have with dad and D.O.G.  DOG was the dog I found on the road and was told there was a reward out for the dog.  Well, there was no reward so the dog stayed on the farm  What we learned early on that the dog just loved to be in the equipment.  Any time dad was going out to mow ditches, work down ground, or just driving around in the Gator, DOG would ride along with dad.  He just loved that the dog would ride along with him.

The other hilarious thing was dad even got DOG to ride on him on the jet ski out on the lake that is in the background.  The image that I have in my mind is dad, a cigarette in his mouth, his toddy in his left hand, running the throttle with his right hand, and DOG on the seat in the middle.  People would ask me to describe my dad and I would use this image as an example.  I would say my dad is kind of a hillbilly (think of the image I described) that worked his ass off and was very successful.  Now he just has lots of toys and has a good time.

If you look close, you can see DOG on dad’s lap.