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Bahamas 2009

There are so many great little stories from the Bahamas trip of 2009 when we all went to stay at Atlantis resort and had the best time.  Dad actually was having issues with his knee which put him in a bad mood for a lot of the trip but even though he was doing his best to try to be upset, he could not help having fun at times.  The picture below is one of those times.  I just love this picture of Mom and Dad. 

The story here was that on a cold day we all took a cab ride over to the mainland to check out some shops and ended up at Senior Frogs.  When we arrived at 11AM the place was nearly empty but a cruise ship was just docking nearby.  Dad, Josh, Ray, Carina and I ordered some appetizers and buckets of beer while Kristin and Mom when to the little shops around the area.  We played foosball and joked around and after about 45 minutes we were asked to move to another table while the staff rearranged some of the chairs.  Before we knew it we were front and center for the huge party that was about to begin.

When all of the cruise people come in one guy at Senor Frogs is the MC and he runs the mic to get people in party mode and party we did.  When Mom and Kristin came back, it took some time for them to find us in the crowd, never guessing we would be down front.  As the day went on and the buckets of beer kept coming, we kept getting drunker and drunker.  I think all of us got called on stage for one reason or another, such as the chugging contest which I won, Ray with his little fairy napkin dance, Josh with the letdown on chugging beers, or the shot train which Mom was leading.  It was a hell of a time.  Dad eventually got sick of our drunken silliness and waited outside.  When we finally left there were a few of us that were completely trashed.

bahamas 489

We went to have lunch at a fish fry but Josh was too wasted to eat, as you can see in the photo.  Oh, and there was a little mishap where I walked into the ladies restroom and could not figure out why there were no urinals.  Dad kept rubbing it in that we could not handle our alcohol and did not know how to pace ourselves.  Some things don’t change,  because the same thing happened in Vegas on Josh’s 21st and Dad could not let that one go either. 

Another memorable experience was the night we went to Nobu, probably one of the best places to eat in the world.  Several of us were really looking forward to eating there but not Dad who was determined to have a bad time.  The look on Dad’s face when he got his salad was priceless.  He looked like he was going to throw the plate across the room.

We had a great time on that trip and it was I think these trips solidified for all of us that we needed more family vacations where we all could go and have a great time together.