December 18, 2010 0 Comments Stories

Getting my ears pierced

My dad was always pretty conservative so the notion of a guy with his ears pierced was something he could not really deal with.  Well, I think more of his problem was if both ears were pierced because in the past, the thought was that if you were a homosexual, you only had your right ear pierced.  Obviously things have changed somewhat.

In any case, I was 18, at the mall with Alison and I think there was someone else there too, but I decided to get my ears pierced at the Piercing Pagoda.  I also decided that it would look best to have rings put in both of them.  After I did this we had back to Wooster where my parents were both at Applebees.  Hmm, what a great time to stop by right?  Wrong.  Quick thinking on my part…I will just wear a hat and he will not notice.  Well the hat I put on did not come down far enough to cover my ears, so the only thing you see are the pierced ears.  I no sooner than walked through the door and there my parents were with friends at the round table.  “Get the fuck out of here with those damn earrings,” and that was all that was said.  We turned around and left.

Well that went well.  I know my friends and I laughed about it.  Eventually my parents came around about the earrings.  But not until I had gone off to school and got other piercings too.  I have some stories about those as well.  It was a classic Chuck response that I expected but I was 18 and testing every single boundary that my parents, especially my dad had for me.