December 15, 2010 0 Comments Lessons, Stories

CJ hits me with a rock

It was a typical day after school.  I was probably in 3rd grade, CJ in 5th and the bus dropped us off at the bottom of our driveway.  Our driveway lead up and around a pretty steep hill so there was a steep drop off on the one side of the driveway.  I do not know why I ran down over the side of the hill but I do remember not being able to come right up the hill because CJ thought it would be fun to throw rocks down at me to keep me from being able to come back up the hill

The rocks got bigger and bigger as I hid behind a tree to avoid getting clocked.  I would peak out from behind the tree now and then to see if he was going to stop.  He just kept on, laughing about how I could not come up the hill.  Inevitably, I stuck my head out at the wrong time and took a direct hit about a half of an inch from my temple.  Then down I went.  I remember looking up and CJ was running down the hill.  He helped me get to the top of the hill and we started up the driveway.  I kept saying that I did not want to have to get stitches again; I had just had some a few months before from another one of many accidents.

CJ kept telling me it would be ok as the blood poured from my head.  He was also coaching me on a story of what we would tell Mom and Dad had happened.  The story was that I fell down in the creek and hit my head on a rock.  When we got to the top of the hill, terror undoubtedly came over CJ when we saw Dad’s truck in the driveway.  Dad was not supposed to be home yet but he was.  We went inside and Dad immediately realized he had to get me to the hospital.  CJ quickly offered to stay home so someone could tell Mom where we were when she got home.”  We had to hurry.

Around halfway to the hospital Dad said to me, “You did not fall down on a rock, CJ threw a rock and hit you, didn’t he?”  I nodded.  Rarely could you could get something by Dad.  His mind was working on the story and why CJ wanted to stay at home and it did not take long for him to put the pieces together.  But CJ avoided an ass beating because when Dad had time to calm down, the chances of getting whipped were pretty low.