December 14, 2010 0 Comments Lessons, Stories

Jaime runs over the horsehead

My buddy Jaime was helping out at the farm after we had graduated from high school to make some extra money.  We were just cleaning things up around the farm.  I was on the other side of the barn when Jaime came running over and he was ghost white.  I am pretty sure my sister was there too.  He said, “We got a problem.”

He turned around and I followed in a near run over to the old blue truck.  A horsehead is as you might have guessed, the horsehead looking thing on the top of pump jacks.  The truck had big meaty tires on and he was turning through the yard and the edge of the tire clipped the horsehead and it spun up and opened up the door like a can.  It had completely pealed it back.  You could not make that happen again if you had 1000 trucks and years to try.

He asked, “what should I do?”  “You got to go tell dad right now,” I responded.  If there is one thing I learned is that with my dad, it will be 10 times worse if you try to hide something from him.  He will eventually find out and when he does, it is not a good scene if you tried to hide it.  Now at this point I was 18 years old and it took just about 18 years for me to get that idea myself.    If I had run it over, I cannot say I would have not tried to hide it for at least a little while.

We walk over to dad on the other side of the shop and when he saw all of us walking together to talk to him and no doubt the frightened look on our faces, he knew something was up.  “What the hell is your problem?” he asked.  Jaime simply explained what had happened and he could not believe it.  When we walked around the corner so we all could reassess the damage with dad (we were expecting the worst) he was not even mad.  He just told Jaime to take care of fixing it and that was it.  Jaime had his grandpa help get a new door he could from the junkyard and that was it.

So, if you fuck something up, get it out right then, do not try to hide it.