December 13, 2010 0 Comments Lessons, Stories

Party payback for Josh

This one I am telling secondhand because I was pretty intoxicated when this all went down.  Jessica reminded me of this story.  I had some friends over to the house and most of us were having a good time.  Dad, being the instigator and prankster enlists Josh on a little mission.  He told Josh to go and get his super soakers and they were going to go after all of my friends who were passed out.  Josh the obedient soldier that he was followed orders and dad went around finding whoever was passed out, pointing them out to Josh, who then took care of them.

Jessica got hit and rather than just yelling and trying to cover up, this sparked something deep inside that unleashed on my little brother who was probably in sixth grade at the time and not more than 85 pounds.  She grabbed Josh and drug him to the shower and turned it on. Josh was screaming the whole way, “Dad!  Help, help!”  Dad comes in to find out what was going on and saw what had happened and simply told Josh, “that’s what you get for fucking with people.”

So the lesson here I guess is that even if your dad tells you to do something, you might still get some payback when messing with intoxicated people.  Ok, there is probably more lessons to take from this story, but that is what I am going with for now.