December 12, 2010 2 Comments Stories

New Year’s Eve Party 1999

We were at Jessica’s pool house for New Year’s Eve when at about 11PM Mom and Dad show up.  Now for the most part this was not a bad thing, but I am sure there were a few people that had to hide ‘things’ real quick because Chuck was here.  This was the first time dad showed up at someone else’s house when we were partying.  The way he looked at it, all of us had partied plenty in his house, tore shit up, so it was fine if he stopped by to have a good time too.

Mom was the DD that night and was holding dad’s toddy bottle because he had a new toy he was showing off, a Tazer.  He was hold out a few hundred dollar bills trying to get someone to let him Tazer them.  No one would do it so I offered.  I mean how bad could it be, I had been shocked by the electric fence numerous times.  Well he chickened out when it was his own kid but I think he would have gladly done it if someone else had offered.