December 12, 2010 1 Comment Stories

Jessica’s Bronco Story

This is one of the all time best stories in which someone did something stupid and dad would never let it go.  it is something that he brought up not only anytime he saw Jessica, but also anytime Adria was around too.  Well they look alike.

I was home for the weekend from college most likely in late fall because the ground had just thawed so the surface of the field was good and muddy.  I had talked to Jessica earlier that day and she was going to stop by sometime when I was home.  I was in the living room when I hear dad yell from the office, “Go tell that dumbass that that is not a fucking driveway.”  I did not even get up and go in the office or look out the window.  For some reason I just knew what had happened and who was outside.


You see this was the first time that Jessica had been over to the new house since it was built and before the house was built.  The previous summer when they were building the house I had had a bunch of my friends over throughout the summer to ride jet skis and jump on the trampoline on the lake.  At that time there was no driveway which has been marked in blue above.  The only way to get to the lake was to go along the edge of the field.  Jessica obviously did not get the memo that there was a driveway and failed to question the oddity of using a soybean field as a driveway.

When I walked out the front door, I see Jessica’s rear wheel drive bronco at the red X and it was stuck.  She had followed the yellow line until the Bronco would just not go anymore.  You could see that she had been fish-tailing the whole time.  Since the top few inches was nothing but mud I thought I was going to need a tractor to get her out.  When I walked up to the truck and opened the door, Tom Petty’s ‘Free Fallin’ was blasting on the radio and she was oblivious that she was stuck at all.  It took a lot of back and forth but eventually I got it out and down through the yard and parked in the proper driveway.

Needless to say dad had some choice words and a lot of laughed when she came in. Her excuses were that was the only driveway she knew, etc etc.  When you screwed up this big and it was this funny, dad was never going to let it go.  It was guaranteed that he would bring it up anytime he saw Jessica or even Adria.  He would ask, ‘Hey, what driveway did you use to get here?’ or ‘Did you come through the driveway this time?’ or ‘You cannot use the field this time because I have corn planted.’