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Halloween weekend dad insisted that he was going to help me clean up my property. The week prior he was getting things ready for us to work hard all day…all the machine and equipment was lined up and ready. We had trees to cut and brush to clean up. Dad had recently bought a little chainsaw, so he said that i could use that one and Ray & dad would use the big ones. Once we got started dads chainsaw blade was going dull…Ray had went to unload the dump truck load of wood so, dad grab a chainsaw that Ray had gotten ready. Dad went to cut the log and he just started laughing and looked up at me he said “Sis he isn’t going to cut it”…at that time i didn’t know what he was talking about but i knew it was going to be good because of the way he was laughing. Ray had put the chainsaw blade on backwards. Dad told me that we were going to have Ray use it. By the time Ray got back we were both laughing so hard that we gave it away. We laughed the rest of the day about that. Then, later that day Dad told Ray to start cutting down trees. As Ray was cutting down i was standing next to dad and i asked him if Ray knew what he was doing. He said,” well im not sure, he said he did.” After Ray had cut down 2 trees dad had figured out that he was a rookie. The next 2 dad cut down….well one of those trees came right toward Ray and I. So i asked dad if he was a rookie. He told us that we were standing in the wrong spot…. He was never wrong and always had a come back. By the end of the day, Dad had Ray in the backhoe bucket trimming branches as high as the bucket went.
This is just one of the many times my dad was at my house helping me or giving me advice on all the projects we had going on.