December 7, 2010 0 Comments Stories

Chuck’s Nascar spin out at Michigan Speedway

We had some kick ass times at Michigan Speedway with TrackTime.  What was great about TrackTime was that you got to run an actual Nascar without a pace car like the Richard Petty School.  We got it for dad one year for his birthday and we went up and after that we were hooked.  At one point I think we went up several weekends I a row and I would say dad probably logged close to 200 laps on that track.

Mom and dad also got to be good friends with the owners of TrackTime which also meant that dad had certain privileges  when he was racing, like getting the first pick at the car he wanted to drive.  Obviously he would scope out to see which one was running the fastest.  They tried to make sure they were close, but there was always one that had a 5-10 MPH edge.

The day of this video mom actually was not there and Kristin, Todd Rowe, Dad, and me had 20 laps each.  I went out first and was a half of a lap back from everyone so I did not see any  of this happen.  I got black flagged and thought I did something wrong, but here it was because dad had spun out.  He was ‘hammer down’ because he was going to catch sis and Todd.  What he did not know is that there was a lady who wanted to drive 70MPH whereas the rest of us were 150+MPH.  It all came to a head between turn one and two because TrackTime had a rule, no passing on the turns.  So Sis had slowed down, then Todd slowed down, and dad had no where to go.

When I found out what happened 15 laps later when I came in because I finished my laps first, I could not believe it.  and when dad finally came back from his final 10 laps, his heart was still pumping.  I think he was white knuckled for those remaining laps.  We joked with him whether or not he needed to check his pants too.  I really want to know what you say when you are spinning out at 150.