December 4, 2010 0 Comments Lessons

Fear of heights

I had a tremendous fear of heights ever since I can remember.  It was a problem for me to go up on a ladder more than a few steps.  When I was 11 after my parents bought the farm, my dad forced me to climb up the 95 foot silo to face my fear.  There was a cage on the silo and he made me go first so if I slipped or anything else happened, he would be there to keep me from falling.  The worst part about the whole thing was actually when you get to the top and have to climb up and over to reach the roof. 

Now I know the fear did not go away right away, as I still had to climb down.  But after that day, I had no issues with heights.  From middle school on, when we were filling the silo, I had to climb it to check to see how full it was.  I have since got my pilots license and have gone sky diving.  If it were not for my dad, I would still be afraid of heights.  If you want to get over a fear or an issue, you have to face it, head on.  That was how my dad was.