November 30, 2010 0 Comments Stories

First Jet Ski

We had a boat up in Cleveland that we all would go to most weekends over the summer.  At times, up to 15 people would pile on that boat.  In the early 90’s, jet skis started to come around and we got a new Sea Doo XP.  I believe I was with dad because it was one of those times I had a doctor appointment and we had the jet ski dropped off at the marina.  It was in early March and there was still some snow on the boat docks.

Dad had the jet ski put in the water so we could drive it around to the new dock in front of the boat.  He had me jump on the back.  We both were fully clothed, because, shit, we were just going around the corner.  We got out into the middle of the river and everything was good until he slowed way down.  When you go slow on those old jet skis, things get really unstable.  Now he would swear it was all me, moving to the wrong side…things got really unstable and we tipped the thing over and we both went into the nice, clean Cuyahoga River.

It took about 10 minutes just for us both to get back on the jet ski because he would get on and then when I would try to get on, it would tip back over.  We finally got back to the dock, freezing ass cold.  We got some extra clothes that were still in the boat and dried off the best we could.  I remember him cleaning out his shirt pocket filing cabinet, all of his papers, lighter, smokes we completely soaked.

I have gotten a little better on a jet ski since then, but that was a tough learning experience for the both of us.