November 27, 2010 0 Comments Stories

Electric Fence Incident

It was a typical weekend on the farm when we had dehorning and other farm related business to attend to.  Dad usually took on the responsibiity of the removal of the horns and cauterizing, I got the steers into the shoot and did the castration, and Josh handled all grunt work.  There were always several fences to move around so the one thing we had to do before even starting was to shut off the electric fence.  If you have ever been zapped by a strong one then you know why.

After we had finished with the steers, it was time to pack everything back up and put all of the fences back.  You basically do everything in the reverse order.  I was across the barnyard and thought that everything was complete so it was all clear for Josh to go ahead and plug the fence back in.  I guess Dad did not hear me yell the all clear to Josh because 5 seconds after Josh had plugged it back in we hear a “WOOOW!  God damn it!!”

I started laughing my ass off and said to Josh, “Oh my god, I have always wanted to do that.”  Josh had a terrified look on face because he thought Dad was going to come after him and he was looking at me for a sign that he should run.  I laughed so hard it hurt.  However, Dad did not laugh at this one until several hours had gone by.